A Wonderful Visit!

Hello everyone at Concord Junior!

It was so lovely to see everyone again! We really enjoyed our visit and hope that you enjoyed our story? We thought our chosen actors were brilliant as Billy, Sam, Dexter and Mrs Melody! We wonder if Dexter will ever learn his lesson??

If you remember, earlier this year we asked you for some help with our book – The Janksters and the Pesky Parrot. We had writer’s block! Your ideas were excellent and really helped to get our creative juices flowing again. We have finally finished the book and will be sending some copies to school after Christmas!

We used part of the book during our two days in school as a starting point for some writing work. Billy and Sam come across a talking bench! The moans about all of the bad things in its life such as seagulls ‘plopping’ on it, dogs ‘weeing’ on it and children carving their names on it.

We asked the children to imagine that their shoe had come to life and was having a good old moan about thing that irritated it! Well, some of their ideas were amazing – here are just a few of them:

‘At night, I am dumped on the shoe rack or floor. It is really horrible, but I’ll keep quiet so I don’t risk living in the toilet!’

‘I remember when my owner told me to get knotted!’

‘My laces have just been swapped for glow-in-the-dark ones. I can’t even get to sleep!’

We’ve put the work into booklets and folders for each year group and will send them into school next week with Miss Strutt. Keep reading everyone! Cid and Mo




Hello Concord!

Hi everyone! How are you?? We hope you are all enjoying school and we are very much looking forward to visiting you soon.

We have been very busy since we last came over to Concord. We are helping children with their reading. Have a look at our website. Our new project is called Reading Allowed.

We have been sooooo busy, we haven’t had time to finish checking our latest book – The Janksters and Pesky Parrot! Hopefully it will be off to the printers soon and we will be able to send you some copies for your library.

Here are some book recommendations for you:


Keep reading!!!!

Cid and Mo

Hello everyone – and thanks for your help!

Hi, we hope you are all well!

We just wanted to let you know that our visit to Concord was very helpful! We have got over our ‘writer’s bock’ and we’ve finished the first draft of the next Janksters book! Thank you! We have to read it and check it and read and check it and read it etc etc. but hopefully it will soon be printed and we can send you some copies!

Also, good luck to Year 6 who are taking their SATs soon!

See you soon,

Cid and Mo

The Janksters and the….

Hi everyone!

Here is the last part of our new Janksters story. If you have any ideas about what should happen next or you would like to write the next part of the story, please post it here! Remember, Tallis will give Billy and Sam some magical juggling balls for Aseem but you need to decide:

1. What Slin is going to do in the talent contest


2. what does Tallis gives Billy and Sam to teach Slin a lesson?

Before anyone else could speak, Slin had thrown the third and final juggling ball into the lorry and, with a last glance around, he disappeared again behind the bins.

‘My juggling balls!’ said Aseem, miserably.  He slumped down onto a chair and put his head in his hands. ‘That’s it,’ he said, sadly. ‘I can’t enter now – not without my juggling balls.’

Sam looked at Billy.

‘What shall we do?’ he asked.

‘Leave it to us, Aseem,’ said Billy, firmly. ‘We’ll sort it out.’

Billy and Sam knew that Aseem had been practising his juggling act for hours and hours because he was so desperate to win first prize in the talent contest – two tickets for the travelling circus that was due in town next week.

‘Time for a visit to Tallis’ shop,’ said Billy.

Hi Concord!

Hello everyone!

Hope you are all ok and enjoying school. We are very excited about World Book Day on March the 6th! Are you doing something special in school?  Whatever you do, have a fab time!

Me and Mo are busy writing book three of the Janksters series. We’re hoping it will be released in May! We are visiting lots of schools and pulling lots of pranks!

We would be interested to hear your recommendations for books to read. If you want to tell us your favourite book, just add a comment on this post. My (Cid) favourite book was One Hundred and One Dalmations. I read it 7 times!

See you soon!

Cid and Mo


Opening Night – Alice in Wonderland

The performance of Alice in Wonderland was fantastic!!!!!

I loved the costumes and props, the music and dancing, the lighting and stage-hands, and, even though I was sat at the very back, I could hear EVERY WORD! Super acting!!!!

Well done everyone – it was brilliant:)


ps Mo says she is very sorry she couldn’t make it…she is so disappointed that she missed out on such a treat!

Patron of Reading launch with Diego!!!!

Hello everyone at Concord,

Thank you so much for a fantastic morning! We had a great time and hope you did too!

Photo Gallery:

IMG_8743                IMG_8751           IMG_8771            IMG_8731IMG_8776                                  IMG_8774


IMG_8732 IMG_8734


The stories and poems that you wrote were truly outstanding and we hope you write some more and send them to us!

Diego says he had a really great time and thought you were all very polite – even the wednesdayites!!

See you all soon….and keep reading!

Cid and Mo

Exciting News…

Next week is the official launch of the Patron of Reading Scheme at Concord Junior School and we will have a special guest visiting that morning!

Diego De Girolamo – Sheffield United Striker!!!


We know that you are busy writing for the competition and we have some special Jankster prizes for the winners!

We’re so excited! See you all next week!!!

Cid and Mo